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David Adler

When I was a young boy about 9 years old I had a neighbor who was a woodworker and crafter who made all kinds of items. I used to visit him, especially in the summer when I would see him in his garden, and we would go into his woodworking shop sometimes. On one of these visits he saw my interest in wood and said, "Working with wood is a bond between man and nature." These words have stuck with me all these years and are more meaningful to me now then when I was 9 years old. I am basically a third generation woodworker/lover. My grandfather, mother, and her brother were all into woodworking of one form or another.
Until now my career has been as a Manufacturing Engineer. This has given me the ability to figure out how to make the Parquetry with different tools. All of my work is handmade, one-of-a-kind. 
I started doing wood art in September of 2000 (I was a late bloomer). Until then all I did with wood was finish rooms in the houses I've lived in, or the odd piece of furniture every now & then. However, since I started this "hobby" it has overtaken my left-brained Engineering life. If I don't get to work on one of my wall hangings, or just cut wood for a few days, I get a bad case of wood withdrawal and my body and mind start to crave for a fix! Yes, I am a sawdust Junky.

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