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Meg Bernard

As a clay artist, I have focused primarily on functional pottery. I throw porcelain clay on the wheel, later carving and adding color with under glazes and glazes. The process allows me to work through form following function, if a cup doesn't feel good in your hand you probably won't use it. The beauty of a piece of pottery is connected to how well it works. It has always been my primary goal to make work that people will use and hold everyday in their homes. I find it very satisfying to be a small part of the daily rituals of people lives.

Stepping away from the wheel to produce art pieces was a breath of fresh air. I started by carving linoleum stamps, reaching back to my printmaking days in college to create small vignettes and scenes to form a narrative. The stories I tell tend to be childish and silly- my influence being my three year old daughter. I roll out slabs of porcelain, pressing fabric and textured paper into the surface and build a "pillow" form. Porcelain is so soft and moldable it really lends itself to fabric like forms. Then I apply stamped tiles to create a scene. Glazing follows, sometimes after a wash of stains or under glazes to bring out the textures.

I have really enjoyed the process, playing with surface instead of fighting for a smooth round form. It is a step in a new direction for me.

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