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Katherine Owen

A lump of clay in my hands, then spinning on the wheel, being centered, opening up…evolving…transforming. This describes both the clay and me as we go through the process together. The clay becomes a beautiful and useful vessel. I, too, become different in the process. I learn, I develop, I think, I dream, I create. Transformation occurs.


Recognizing that now, more than ever, we need a spirit of positivity and encouragement, I often incorporate inspiring quotes into some of my work.

Using mid-range stoneware, I throw and hand-build my pottery. I then transform the pottery using brightly colored underglazes and a sgraffito technique. I finish them with a clear glaze.

Katherine Owen is a potter, an artist and a dreamer. Living in Swannanoa, NC and spending lots of time in studio, Katherine enjoys being creative and getting messy as her full time profession. She also likes learning, as is evident by lots of time spent in school. A B.A. in Religion from William and Mary, an M.R.E. from Duke Divinity School and a B.F.A. from Converse College round out the formal part of her education. She continues to learn from reading, observation, nature, friends, time spent with other artists and reflection.

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