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Eloise Brinkman

Every day our lives are made up of millions of moments...the big eventful ones stay etched in memory, but most pass by unnoticed. I am happiest when I can lose myself in the small joys of the little moments, not considering past or future but just being totally present here and now. This is what drives me - when I am working on a piece of art everything else fades and I exist only in that moment of creation.

I have been an artist ever since I can remember, and never could limit myself to just one favorite medium. While earning my bachelors at the University of North Carolina in Asheville, I studied sculpture, ceramics, painting and photography. I also completed the Decorative Restoration program at A-B Tech where the curriculum included many historical and architectural restoration techniques including mold making and gilding. I love layering materials and techniques in order to build texture and add dimension.

It all begins with a sketch, which I carve into a three dimensional clay model. The mold is created by painting up to 20 layers of latex rubber onto the model. A durable stone compound is used to cast the tiles. Then I layer paint, glaze, metal leaf, stain, and even wax to bring out each piece's own distinct personality.

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