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Doc Welty

Artist Statement:

"Informed by the rich heritage of Carolina stoneware, my pieces are designed for everyday use and enjoyment.
Tradition is both my inspiration and anchor to past generations of potters, as well as a point of departure that serves to distinguish my forms. Each piece is hand turned and crafted in the pottery, then embellished with free-hand, raised slip decoration, creating a unique tactile quality that invites the touch. Firing the pieces in a wood or gas atmospheric kiln imparts the finishing touch.

When a piece of my pottery gives the user a measure of joy similar to the joy I experienced while creating it, the circle is complete."


Artist Bio:

In 1974 Doc built his first kick wheel and set about to discover pottery while living in Broad Ripple, Indiana. In 1977 he moved to Whitestown, Indiana and opened up shop as Woodsman Pottery and Arts, producing functional stoneware fired in an oil kiln. After potting there for seven years he moved to Paoli, Indiana and built Log Creek Pottery just outside town. Doc continued the stoneware pottery and began work on larger architectural tile pieces.

In 2003 he and his lovely bride, Melanie, moved to North Carolina and set up shop in the cozy Leicester Valley. Today Doc creates a lines of functional stoneware, decorative tile pieces and large ourdoor planters and garden pieces, living in the mountain and doing the work he loves.

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