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Woolworth Walk

Mike Tuziw

Each of us is drawn to different aspects of nature – a quiet, spring morning with it’s soft light playing gently off drops of dew. . . the brilliant sparkle of freshly fallen snow surrounding a crystal clear mountain stream. . . the awesome power of a waterfall as it tumbles effortlessly over the rocks. As a photographer, my quest is to capture not only the beauty of nature, but to awaken the spirit of those who view my images, to inspire them to discover for themselves the wonder and joy I felt as I was creating the photograph. Long exposures, soft images, eye popping colors and dynamic compositions combine to create an image that draws you in and stimulates your senses. Colored by our unique experiences, each of us looks at an artist’s work and finds something different, something special and meaningful just to us. A large part of what shapes our experiences are the people we meet along the way. In addition to my images of nature, my work also captures the essence of those I encounter on my journeys – their unique characteristics, environments and culture. If, through my photographs, I can help you discover that special place and feeling, I consider my work a success. I hope you enjoy my photographs as much as I enjoy bringing them to you.

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