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Jeffrey Stoner

When I was young our family's camera was only used for special occasions.  I was fascinated by the camera for two reasons; it was used to record special moments and more importantly to a five year old, the flashbulb made a loud popping sound and then sizzled as it cooled. I would beg to be allowed to take pictures but since film was expensive I was rarely allowed to do so. 

I was eight years old when I first saw an image I wanted to make.  I went outside after an ice storm and there was a tree just outside the door covered with ice.  I stood under the tree and looked up into the glistening branches and thought,' I want to make this image!'  It was both the beauty of the scene and the joy I felt that I wanted to capture. 

I received my first camera when I was ten years old and began a lifetime of making images. My desire to capture not only what I am seeing but also what I am feeling began when I looked up into that ice covered tree.

In 2004 a gallery contacted me to ask if I would consider showing my photographs in their gallery. I had dreamed of selling my images so I thoroughly embraced this opportunity.  I participate in solo and group shows, developed and taught a six-week photography workshop for the Art Association of Harrisburg, and approached additional galleries who began to carry my work. 

My job as Vice President of Senior Living Services for CompleteHealthCare Resources of Dresher Pennsylvania involved a lot of travel so left little time for photography.  I loved my job and the owners of the company were fantastic but I really wanted to try making photography my fulltime business.

After a lot of thought and soul-searching my wife and I decided to move from Pennsylvania to northeast Tennessee.  This region is filled with mile-high mountains and beautiful valleys and we thought it would be the best location to chase the dream.

My images are now in galleries throughout the region.  I am especially grateful for those that first showed my work after I arrived; Carrie Keith (Twigs and Leaves (Waynesville NC), Polly Mallory (Mallory Fine Art, Abingdon VA), Jennifer Phipps (former owner of Picture This, Kingsport TN), and Robin McElrath (Robins on Roan, Johnson City TN).

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