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Honour Stewart

When I first moved to Western North Carolina, I was in awe of all its natural beauty.  I was so curious to know what was growing beneath my feet.  At the same time, I was a professional film photographer dealing with the transition of film to digital.  In an effort to hold onto my film skills and the deliberate process of working with a 4x5” camera, I chose to capture the abundant plant species found in this region.   Most of these plants/trees are native; however, there are some too, that are not.   My hope is that by creating images of all that is beautiful beneath our feet, I will encourage my audience to mirror this appreciation by forming their own connections and relation to what grows around us.

I work with large format Chrome film creating a positive image transparency with a 4x5” Wista Camera.   I usually work with a pressed specimen that I place on a light table.  I make long exposures with a large depth of field, generally making only 1 or 2 captures per specimen.  I then send my film to one of the few remaining Chrome processing labs in the US.  Once I get the film back, I scan and digitize the images to produce a print keeping all information including the film border of the transparency.  In the beginning, I printed with the process known as Cibachrome which is all non-digital.  Today, I print using an archival printer and fine paper to produce large limited edition prints to smaller more open edition images.  My open edition set is printed solely by myself and are in small quantities of 10 or less for each year.   My plantable paper cards are on paper filled with wildflower seeds, these also are made by hand in my studio.

This deliberate process is all part of the joy I get in creating this body of work.  Getting to know the plants; and, then working intimately with them, to share them with all of you, is by far the greatest reward.

I am happy to work with designers, art consultants, and art lovers for more personalized options for interior spaces.

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