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Chris Garner

The universe is incomprehensibly vast. Possibly infinite. As humans, we are just microscopic parasites hitching a ride through this cosmic expanse on a tiny blue speck of dust. Despite this fact, we have the innate tendency to feel like we are big, and that we are somehow in control. My astrophotography is intended to humble and to inspire. Yes, you are tiny... but you also have the mind to comprehend this and to ponder the greatness of what surrounds you. 
Photons that are sometimes millions of years old race through the vaccuum of space at light speed for their entire existence. Somehow, miraculously, some of them find their way through the lens of my telescope and lightly land on my camera's sensor in my small backyard in Western North Carolina. Then, delicate as they are, I lightly stretch and mold these photons into beautiful photographs which I season to taste. These pieces are slow to procure, taking many clear nights of capturing light and many cloudy nights of transforming data into artistry. Through a perfect marriage of technology and art, these deep space astrophotos come to life. And they consume me.

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