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Bob Gottlieb

I grew up in northern Ohio, where it was cold and dark much of the year. I used to think that I developed a deep appreciation for nature and beauty because I grew up in a part of the country where there was so little. Or so it seemed.

But later, I discovered that beauty is (almost) everywhere. When all I see is a world that appears dark and grey, I look through a lens and find that my attention shifts to subjects that I find beautiful in some way.

Photography changes the way I see, and I suppose that is the biggest reason why I am drawn to it. It also explains my desire to make images that I believe are truthful and pleasing to the eye.

When I inhabit a place or see something that makes me feel good, I feel compelled to capture its spirit. With so many images on the television and internet, there is so much competition vying for our attention. Unfortunately, this made me feel that I had to add something to my photos: more vibrance and saturation, more contrast, or more warmth.

To preserve those qualities that make a subject unique, I learned how to manipulate the camera better rather than feeling forced to make a lot of post-processing adjustments.

I now find that my best photographs are ones where I begin with a vision before I click the shutter.

Much to the chagrin of a marketing advisor, I still cannot limit myself to adopting one medium or style within photography. Black and white photography leaves more to the imagination than color, yet how do you ignore all of the gorgeous reds, greens, and blues found outdoors in spring and fall? Once I started using infrared, I felt there was no other way to express particular landscapes' dreamy and ephemeral qualities.

I am primarily self-taught. In the 1990s, I began working as a commercial photographer in California, photographing portraits and weddings. I later worked for corporations and advertising agencies before devoting myself to landscape and creative photography.

There are many photographers I admire. Just a few are William Neill, Ernest Haas, Bret Weston, and Charlie Waite.

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