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Woolworth Walk

Wendy Whitson


There is a certain amount of structure in and behind my paintings. This grid-like structure is symbolic to me of  the organization we find in nature. It is incorporated into the work and eventually revealed as part of the landscape. The outermost layers of the painting are heavy with large gestural brushstrokes. The combination of random grid and loose brushwork creates a blend of masculine and feminine characteristics. In some of my tree paintings, occasionally you will see music. I invite you to look closely at my work, but then back away. It will change, in a good way.

My landscape paintings vary from impressionism, abstraction through representational. They are acrylic and mixed media, but look very much like oil paintings. My color palette is earthy, with values ranging from medium to dark. The work often leans towards the tonalist movement.


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25 Haywood Street, Asheville, NC 28801
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