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Trudy Terry

I was born in Asheville NC and over the years have lived in a number of other places including Washington DC, Charlotte NC, Annapolis MD, San Antonio TX and Savannah GA.-but it was the natural beauty and unique charm of Asheville that brought me back home to the mountains.

I began painting as a child and developed a lifetime passion for art, inspired by nature and the paintings of The Impressionists. Painting opened up a whole new world and took me to a place of inner peace and beauty.

I work primarily in oils but also enjoy using acrylics, water colors, and pin and ink. My work draws from my interest in Asian art, historic photographs and nature. Birds, butterflies, kois, and dragonflies-found in my garden-are often the subject of my work.
Art is a gift to be shared with others.

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25 Haywood Street, Asheville, NC 28801
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