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Robin Gleeson-Warren

Robin grew up in both New Jersey and Virginia before moving to Asheville, NC for college. Robin attended Warren Wilson College where she earned a bachelor’s degree studying Psychology, Fine Arts, and Philosophy. She spent many years working in the fields of mental health care and health care administration.


Robin has spent most of her life working with photography, acrylics and oils but has found a particular love of creating abstract works with oil & cold wax medium. The many layers she is able to build up creates a history of color and texture that gives oil and cold wax paintings a unique complexity. Combining her psychology background and her love of painting, Robin considers this complexity a perfect visual representation of how our life experiences make up the person we are continually transforming into throughout our lives.


Robin's work expresses the fleeting moments of an ethereal and timeless place. She is inspired by our forests and the cycles of nature and duality, the interplay of contrast and balance within both the natural world and humanity. With nature inspired compositions and deliberate use of texture, Robin creates intimate and emotive abstract images that inspire the viewer to look within and reflect on what you feel, where you have been and what you are striving for. Robin hopes to convey that in our most uplifted and beautiful state we can recognize the struggles that we have been able to overcome. Simultaneously, in our darkest moments we can see hope and beauty and continue striving towards the nurturing light. Robin hopes viewers find her work both intriguing and inspiring.

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