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Woolworth Walk

Rob O'Sheeran

I have both a contemporary and eclectic approach to my art.  Bold, vibrant colors and recurring designs are the foundations of my paintings, which are often created on found objects and architectural salvage. Vintage glass windows are principally used as canvas, which illuminate the richness of chosen hues, the depth of textures, and the motion of passing brush strokes. The breadth of my subject matter extends from the abstract and imaginary to landscapes and even the simplicity of everyday objects.  I love and find inspiration from the ocean and a life spent by the water has infused my art with scenes from the sea.  I take pleasure in experimenting with pattern and my paintings exhibit movement from abstract forms to fish scales and feathers.  My upbeat paintings and "tongue-in-cheek" touch of humor invite the discerning viewer to enjoy favorite images and colors in an original presentation. My art comes in all sizes and shapes from corporate size paintings to small personal ones for the home and work space.

Born in Williamsburg, Virginia, Rob has been an artist since childhood. He received a formal art education at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Richmond, Va.  West Asheville is now his home where he resides with his wife and daughter. His work is showcased at several establishments in town, including the Corner Kitchen and the Woolworth Walk Gallery.  Sold-out personal shows in Virginia and Asheville have helped Rob move toward his goals of artistic expression in his unique style of painting. 

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