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Olga Dorenko

My work is concerned with color and light, inspired by local, national and international landscapes. I have a deep focus on color. As a student at a classical art school in the former Soviet Union, I spent a considerable amount of time mixing and blending colors. This intense focus on color in my artistic training has had a profound impact on my current work. It is my use of color that lends a contemporary interpretation to my otherwise realist landscapes.

I have a deep appreciation for Asian art techniques and styles, and greatly admire the gentle light, vivid brushwork and painstaking detail of the Russian artist Ivan Shishkin. I strive to pay homage to these inspirations in my own work. I am also continuously inspired by Nature's variable colors and the beauty found in both rural and urban landscapes.

I have experienced many changes in my life. As a child, my family uprooted frequently and moved around the Soviet Union. Later, as a young mother, I emigrated to the United States. The beauty of nature was the constant in these changes. Flowers are beautiful on either side of the ocean, in any corner of the world. Life is ever-changing. My paintings pursue the everlasting.

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