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Woolworth Walk

Nadine Charlsen

Art has always been a part of my life. My watercolors have something new to say to the viewer.  Improvised on the urban landscape - gritty, stark, rough - engaging a deeper emotion - using shadow, texture, color, and glazes moving my art to a more complex tonality.  My art evokes an emotion that helps you take the journey with me to that place, into that world. 

My studio is the ever-changing world around me. I am an avid bicyclist, swimmer and walker. I do long distance bike trips and paint and photograph as I go. I love visiting noisy cities and bustling streets.  Every day is a different wonder, a new world to live in the moment. My work is created from the occasion that makes it unique and with its own particular style. The style is a product of the time and place. The versatility is my signature.


My background as a theatrical set and lighting designer has allowed me to incorporate my knowledge of light and shadow, large and small-scale objects, textures and colors to culminate in the artistic drama I want the viewer to enjoy. My motivation for continuing to paint is for both you and I to escape for a moment to another place and find joy in reliving the moment together. I cherish my continuing fascination of the world and treasure my history. 



I am a baby boomer, born in Bird City, Kansas. I lived in western Kansas throughout childhood. My "hood" was a

group of 11 boys and no girls. My father was an industrial arts teacher and furniture builder; my mother was a first grade teacher and oil painter. I grew up with a hammer in one hand, a paintbrush in the other and a tough kid attitude. After college, I got involved in a large regional theatre-Music Theatre of Wichita. I worked as a scenic artist at MTW for five years and met many designers, actors and technicians from New York.


Not long after that, I moved to Brooklyn, New York and received an MFA in theatre design from Brooklyn College. I continued to work in NYC and surrounding area for 31 years. I worked for well known New York designers as well as creating my own set and lighting designs for Off and Off-Off Broadway. I painted murals for a variety of stores and private residences. My watercolors are influenced by my theatre design as well as my various art instructors and personal friends; Mario Cooper, Paul Ching-Bor, Antonio Masi, Tim Saternow, Chi Kaplan, Carole McDermott, Jada Rowland, Fredrick Brosen, Michael Burban and Dale Meyers. My personal photographic collection is where I find inspiration for my watercolors, and each is a unique image.  My watercolors have received national and international recognition in the past several years.  I am a life member of the Art Students League in NYC.  I am also a member of the Salmagundi Club and the National Association of Women Artists. My watercolors are now available at 310 Arts in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC.


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