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Molly Courcelle

Asheville artist Molly Courcelle grew up surrounded by art; her mother, artist Bee Sieburg, encouraged her from an early age to view the world with an artist's eye. They spent time drawing and painting outdoors noticing colors, forms, and compositions found in nature. They also loved to visit art galleries and museums where Molly learned to love art history at an early age. 

Molly attended Wake Forest University, receiving Bachelor of Arts with a focus in painting. Upon graduating she became involved in floral design while living in Cambridge, MA and Providence, RI.  After moving to Asheville in 1997, Molly and her mother opened The Gardener's Cottage, a floral and antiques shop in Asheville's Biltmore Village. They sold the business in 2004 upon the arrival of her first son, William.  She has since had another son, Andrew, born in 2006.  The family welcomed Martha Grace into the family by way of adoption at age two in August of 2014.

When describing her work, Molly says, "I am fascinated by paint...the feel of the medium, the effects of the brushes, the push and pull of line, plain and form. With this in mind, my work is as much about the process of painting as it is about the final image." Inspiration begins with something specific, such as the color on a petal, the shape of a leaf, the line formed with a stem, and it continues on from there--shifting and changing until completion. Much of the process is spontaneous and just as much is reactionary. The result is a painting that is layered and painterly, generally abstract yet essentially organic.

Molly's faith plays an important role in the artwork as well and many of her titles have Biblical references. "Bringing my faith into the work gives purpose and excitement to the act of painting. Not only do my pieces become about what the Lord is teaching me, but it can communicate something equally as important to the viewer, even when that meaning is completely different."

Although her soft abstract paintings have been shown in many galleries throughout the South, Molly has simplified a bit since the adoption of her young daughter. She currently shows mainly out of her Wedge studio in Asheville's River Arts District and in downtown Asheville at the Woolworth Walk. She paints mostly commissioned work for clients and interior designers and enjoys the challenge of creating paintings that are both meaningful and livable for the homes where they will be displayed.

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