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Mikey Simmons

Mikey was born John Michael Simmons in 1980 in Westfield, New Jersey. Shortly after, he and his family relocated to Coral Springs, Florida. In 1986 they again moved to Marietta, Georgia. In 2003, after he had graduated from high school, he moved up to Asheville, NC. He has been drawing and creating since he was a toddler. As a child, he was drawn to anything that could be made into something else. To this day, he still likes to emphasize creativity in his artwork as much as possible. Every artist has a philosophy on how they create, and he focuses more on style, color, movement, and texture rather than realism. He has studied art throughout his life and in the last 20 years has become very serious about it. He has a great appreciation for all art and is very partial to Pablo Picasso as well as the Fauvist art movement. In the past, his goal was to experiment with many different mediums and techniques. However, he has found that his strengths as an artist are in the fields of oil painting, drawing, and collage. These are the art forms that he is good at as well as the ones he loves the most. He loves bold colors and textures and frequently uses them in his work. He is also inspired by his love for flower gardening. A life filled with a combination of art and gardening has helped him to speak his voice creatively.

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