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Lisa Blackshear

Living in New York City I had became tired of traffic, pollution, and stress. I longed for a simpler existence! I remembered Western North Carolina, from a visit as a teenager, as a special place filled with natural beauty, American history, and a confluence of many cultures. In 2009 my husband, son and I moved here for a better life. Plein air painting is a way for me to commune with nature. I discover the language of form, come to know the quality of light and atmosphere, and learn to paint what I see and not what I think I see. It is a meditation that makes my cares float away. I am especially drawn to the art deco buildings, exposed granite cliffs, and mountain lakes and streams that make Asheville so unique. 
I paint quickly with overlapping layers and loose, impressionist brush strokes. I seek a magical freshness. The mystery comes when hints of a greater message emerge--imprints of civilization, the mood of the time of day, the energy of wind and water. I try to bring out that mystery without destroying the magic. With this two-fold approach, both outward and inward, painting for me is a road to self knowledge, growth and freedom.


Lisa graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Studio Arts and moved to New York City to pursue a career in art and illustration.  She exhibited in East Village galleries and illustrated for The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and the Village Voice, among other publications. After a move to Asheville Lisa received a grant from the Asheville Area Arts Council to form the Asheville Urban Landscape Project, bringing together professional and emerging artists to paint outside "en plein air." Recent exhibitions include AB Tech Conference Center, the Asheville Area Arts Council, and Black Mountain Center for the Arts.


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