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Woolworth Walk

Karen Noel

I first developed a love of watercolor while studying illustration at The Maryland Institute of Art. This passion continued during the many years I taught at a community college in San Diego, CA. Thinking back, I cannot remember a time when I was not involved in a painting or designing project. Creative expression has always been a joy and focus in my life.

My current paintings are often a mix of several mediums - watercolor, colored pencil, collage and ink. This variety allows me the freedom to play with images and incorporate intricate patterns and elements into the work.
Many times, inspiration comes through a meditative connection with nature, and the paintings become a symbolic journal of my inner and outer experiences.

Although I miss the Pacific Ocean, I am now captivated by the luminous Blue Ridge Mountains, and the colors of the seasons. My challenge is not to produce a realistic representation, but to capture the magical spirit of the environment.

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