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Woolworth Walk

Kare Strong

One of the gifts painting gives to me is that it inspires me to look closely at what I might otherwise pass by. Stopping to gaze at subtleties in color, form, the play of light, the spirit behind the eyes, the simple exquisiteness of something, frequently brings with it a kind of quiet joy and a deeper appreciation of the thing. I find myself most drawn to paint animals and the natural world. I aspire to paint with both all the skill at my disposal and with a modicum of abandon because I want there to be the presence of spontaneity in my work. My favorite painting sessions are when time seems to stop and there are no distracting thoughts in my mind, only an intuitive kind of playing with color, value, shape and a subject matter I’m crazy about. Painting is for me a kind of giving. I search and eventually receive an inspiration, then go through a kind of labor, then comes a birth and then I share it. I hope my paintings touch people’s hearts and that in some way they make the world a more peaceful and a more beautiful place.

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