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Julia Fosson

Encaustic: A curious word.
It certainly aroused my curiosity when someone told me my work in oils reminded
them of encaustic painting. I began to do research and discovered a medium
more than two millennium old but used by moderns like Jasper Johns and Diego
Rivera. It uses beeswax treated with pigment and resin that is then heated and
applied most often to wood, though sometimes to canvas, with brushes and
metal tools. I had to try it.
So this is how my work in encaustics began. And now, after nearly fifteen years
of working in the medium I can say that this is why I paint: that the wax takes me
on a journey, it tells me where I'm going. It can be fun, exhilarating, and
exhausting. It can simply happen. It can change moment to moment. But it is
always totally immediate and in the moment. And so I trust it. Completely.
I love the challenges of painting with wax as it quickly changes in form from liquid
to solid. There is something about the textures and the way that light is captured
in the wax. Most of my work has 15 to 25 layers of wax because I believe in
creating a work with a solid foundation. This technique and the way I heat the
wax allows me to constantly dig and scrap at it until I've achieved an image that
communicates the visual story I want to tell.
Because for me, that's what my painting is about: the expression of an emotion,
a visual conversation, a story. I share the emotion, I tell a story I love and I hope
that the viewer will listen visually and share in its emotions and awaken to
emotions of their own.
I have exhibited work since 2000 in solo and group shows in Connecticut,
Chicago, North Carolina and received 2 Individual Artist Grants while in
Connecticut. I am currently in The Hatchery Studios and a member of the River
Arts District Artist, Inc. Asheville, NC.

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