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Jen Picicci

Hi there! I’m the Jen. I’m an artist, writer, teacher, mom (to a cat and a kiddo), and seeker.

I spent years and YEARS trying to figure out what was right for my life, especially when it came to my career.

Once in a while I would get this little hint of just “knowing” something was right without really being able to explain it, but I had absolutely no idea that I had this awesome intuition inside me that could help me figure out my path, if only I would learn how to listen to my heart.

Luckily, though, I slowly but surely was able to get beyond all the crap my mind told me about why I couldn’t do this or that thing that made my heart sing and start listening to the real me–my inner voice.

Now I’m painting up a storm or coming up with some other way for you to live that life you’re longing for.

Random Jen Facts:

  • I grew up in New England but have lived in the mountains of North Carolina since 2004
  • I majored in Studio Art with a concentration in Graphic Design, but I only picked that concentration because I thought I could get a job in it, which I didn’t really want
  • I once lived in a tent (I was 22)
  • I love traveling and did a lot more of it before I became a grownup person with a kiddo
  • I have a graduate degree in Health Sciences
  • I am a certified life coach through Martha Beck Inc.
  • I’m a certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, too
  • I like reading, baking, walking, hiking, and being outside

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