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Gray Artus

Gray Artus is an up and coming self-taught artist and an Asheville native.  He currently continues the corporate work week but longs to be painting every minute of those long forty hours.

In 2011 he created a series of photo composites that really sparked his creative energy.  His photographic artwork is conceptual and created with a message in mind some easily understood and others evoking thoughts of one’s own life experiences of love, loneliness, desires and fears.

In 2013 he painted his first acrylic which began his journey to becoming an artist.  Just a few short years ago in 2016 he tried his first watercolor.   That same year presented the opportunity to try oils when a friend offered him a freebie set of Grumbacher oil paints which quickly became his favorite medium.

Gray states, “Each piece of his art is personal, a part of his soul and connected to him in some way.”  Many times he is awaken with an idea or a visual that he just can’t get out of his head until its on canvas.

A Modern Expressionist painter, his style incorporates the looseness of an expressionist reflecting the joys of the painting process yet exhibits just enough realism to bring it to life!  In between commissions his current work is a series of North Carolina landscapes in oils.  His progress can be found on his blog and many can be seen in person at the Woolworth Walk in Downtown Asheville.

Artist Statement:

I lost myself long ago… I chased plastic dreams I thought would bring happiness.  Where did time go? 

I lost myself in this world and at times I lose my mind… When I paint I find it and my thoughts are so clear. 

I paint to have freedom…  Freedom from this world of falling short of others expectations… Freedom from the anxiety that oppressed me and formed me into a soul that was unrecognizable.  

I am a photographer to see… see the beauty in this world.  There are days it’s hard to find but I see it… its there in a sunrise or maybe in a smile. 

I am a photographer to see… see the loneliness in the world.  It’s never hard to find… A teardrop falls silently to the earth.

I am an artist because there are no words to express.

I am an artist created to be free…my soul soars… it’s the way God created me. 

2 Corinthians 3:17

Now the Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom

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