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Fian Arroyo

Fian Arroyo, with his creative mind and quick draw, has been creating award-winning illustrations and character designs for his clients, including Fortune-500 companies, in the advertising, editorial, toy & game and publishing markets for over 20 years. What at first began as something to do until he found out what he wanted to be when he grew up, has blossomed into a full-time detour from getting a "real job". His dynamic and fun digital illustrations (created in bitmap and vector formats) have kept his work apart from being just another pretty picture. The quality of his art, being fun to work with and the fact that he works at the speed of light getting his projects done on-time have kept him in demand and pretty busy.

Too busy in fact, to pursue his true ambition: conquering the world with his Legions of Doom and acquiring total global domination. Well... he doesn't have any Legions of Doom, but he would have if he weren't too busy drawing and being held hostage by his wife, two kids and a mortgage.

So if you are in the market for some illustration work that is of the highest quality and on time with your deadline, give Fian a call. He'd be more than happy to discuss your art needs with you. Keep him busy drawing and away from formulating any plans that involve Legions of Doom and world domination: that's not a pretty picture.

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