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Elizabeth Carrington

I am an Irish artist based in the Appalachians of North Carolina. I have spent years in the endeavor to make art, with some lengthy interruptions along the way. Though the urge to continue to live a creative life never ceases to amaze me with its consistency.

I can speak visually through Art, in ways I couldn't possibly find words for. Something happens when I allow that language to unfold. Life transforms before my eyes and a hidden intelligence is revealed. As artist it is your job to express this world in all its parts and in ways that the viewer can discover or retrieve more meaning, understanding, and inspiration of their own experience of life. Art must be a mirror of aliveness and show its transformations.

Art manages to bring forward the parts of ourselves that cannot be explained. It is this mystery, a beautiful mystery, that keeps me ever curious about what I could make next and with whom I will work. Like the child that puts its fingers in a puddle and draws on a sun drenched rock, I make my mark as best I can, in awe of the moment, carrying on a long held tradition and answering an instinctual call.

I have exhibited both in Ireland and France as Painter, sculptor and performance artist. I have taught Art with all age groups and in many different settings.

I work outside as often as I can, in the mountains and forest or by the water! I trust the aesthetic of nature above all else and have learned most of what I know, in these places. If I am not out there, then presently you will find me working at the Phil Mechanic Studios in the River Arts District of Asheville NC. Often my work represents something seen or perceived, other times it expresses something more like a tangent, a point of inspiration where I have taken on a completely unchartered path into the unknown. Vibrant color has been my longstanding friend, as has texture. As well as painting, I may also be found here sculpting, weaving, sewing and making ceramics.

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