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Woolworth Walk

Deona Fish

My paintings offer an escape from reality into a world of colorful creatures celebrating the wonders of nature in a land of love and light.
Moving to Asheville 15 years ago from my home state Alabama was a huge shift for me. Being surrounded by mountains, a community of artists and free thinkers I felt instantly at home. Opportunities arose for me working with children in preschool and elementary, the simplicity of the children's art stayed with me and became a huge influence on my work. Becoming a mother in 2008 shifted my days into becoming a fulltime stay at home mom and artist. Sneaking away during nap times to paint my dream world. During this time my artwork began to bloom. My work has grown immensely during these past 8 years and my world of dreams continue to find new adventures.

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25 Haywood Street, Asheville, NC 28801
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