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Clarissa Jan Ward

I delight in creating paintings that express the beauty of the natural world, as well as the more surreal world of my imagination.

My landscapes, painted in both oil and watercolor, are inspired by views I encounter while hiking and traveling. My use of color, texture, and the illusion of light reflect the quiet world of nature, where I find myself most at peace. I paint oils with both brush and palette knife, and hope to be able to share the essence and atmosphere of the scene I experienced with my viewer.
I enjoy the spontaneity of watercolor; so unlike oil paints that stay where you put them and do not have a mind of their own. I usually begin my watercolor paintings using a wet-in-wet technique, which is a joyous and freeing process.
While my more traditional landscapes are based on scenes I have experienced, my surreal 'other world' paintings come from within. They evolve from the process of marbling with ink on paper or oils on canvas. The shapes created in the marbling process suggest images to me that I allow to emerge and develop, painting scenes that evoke another reality.
While painting is my main form of expression, I also work in ceramics, sculpture, stained glass, photography, printmaking, and quilting. I have master's degrees in both art education and painting, and enjoyed teaching art and photography for many years in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

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