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Woolworth Walk

Cindy Ireland

I began drawing and painting at an early age but lost touch with it for a number of years.  Before moving here 11 years ago from San Diego,  I took a class that opened my eyes to a new world of creativity.  Since I have been in Asheville, I was able to create dedicated studio space at my home in Weaverville and I have never looked back.
My work and interests morph and change over time, from abstract to fanciful.  I love bright colors and I love birds but almost always my creations are not quite like what can be found in nature.  Whether working in oils, acrylics, or alcohol inks, I like to explore textures and color in new compositions.  There is so much to see around us from the very center of a delicate flower to the millions of stars in our universe that it isn't hard to be inspired every day.

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