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Cheryl Keefer

Cheryl Keefer's compositions are evidence of her life's philosophy, through wind and rain and all kinds of weather, through happiness and sorrow, there is cause for celebration. In a world of inconsistencies, Keefer responds to the steadfast cycles of life with joyful gratitude through her paintings.  A rain soaked evening with bright shining street lamps and a colorful umbrella, a misty afternoon with a burst of warm light peeping though clouds over a mountain ridge, a neighborhood street punctuated with fresh yellow forsythia, are examples of Keefer's creations, homages to life's storms that so often bring the gifts of hope and renewal.  


Keefer's "plein air" oil paintings capture moments, impressionistically, with loose brush strokes. Studio works tell of moody impressionistic atmosphere, sun, rain, snow and mist, on rural and urban scenes which she has visited and on her home, Western North Carolina. 


Keefer holds degrees in art history and art education from The University of Alabama, Birmingham, and graduate painting from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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