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Bridget Benton


Bridget Benton has always been drawn to mediums that support working intuitively and building layers - printmaking, photography, collage, fiber, and assemblage. In 2006, she began incorporating encaustic, a wax-based medium, into her work. The unique qualities of encaustic allow her to quickly and intuitively build layers, while also allowing materials to be scraped back, revealing prior layers. In 2010, after being invited to teach encaustic at the annual Nature Printing Society workshop, Benton began to incorporate more and more nature print and nature-focused monotype into her encaustic paintings. Benton also uses large-scale image transfers of her photographs in her work, and in 2019, received a grant from the International Encaustic Artists to explore alternatives to toner copy image transfer.


These three elements - photography, nature print, and encaustic - form the material foundation for most of her work. Benton then uses unusual juxtapositions of symbols – including roots, bottles, typewriters, hearts, and tree rings - to explore themes of containment, emergence, transformation, and the passage of time. While she most often works intuitively, meanings and stories emerge that are at once deeply personal and surprisingly universal.


Benton’s passion as a teacher is helping people discover and develop their own creative voice. Her workshops focus on techniques and processes that facilitate self-discovery and creative exploration. Her workshop-in-a-book, The Creative Conversation: ArtMaking as Playful Prayer, is a guide to creating flow in your creative work and building intuitive artmaking skills. In 2012, the book was awarded a Nautilus Book Award Gold Medal as the best book of the year on Creative Process. Bridget Benton holds a BA in Studio Art and an MS in Creative Studies.


Bridget currently lives in Asheville, NC. She is a resident artist and the lead encaustic instructor at 310 Art in the historic River Arts District. You can see more of her work online at, and on Instagram @BridgetBentonArtist.


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