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Woolworth Walk

Amanda McLenon

I create paintings of wildlife, and strive to highlight the beauty found in the daily rituals and moments that might otherwise seem mundane.  I am particularly in love with large wading birds. I would say it is because I have a background in biology, but it is likely the other way around.  My passion for the natural world, as well as my desire to understand it are what drove me to my studies. I started my career as a high school science teacher and completed my second masters degree in marine biology at the College of Charleston. A chance experiment with paint led me to art, and I have found it to be a much more effective way to convey my emotional connection to the natural world.  My recent focus is creating larger-than-life birds on canvas, in motion, flying and preening.

I hope that these paintings encourage you to pause, to consider, and to preserve the natural world around you.

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25 Haywood Street, Asheville, NC 28801
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