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Whitney Fairhurst Curtis

I was born in Lincoln, England in 1989 and moved to Dallas, Texas in 1998. I've always been a little all over the place when it comes to finding an artistic footing, I just know I have been making things since I can remember. I decided to study fine art and began attending the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California in 2009. I graduated with a BFA in printmaking and I loved it, but I couldn't find the motivation, studio space, or time to really get into printing. I started working at an art supply store in downtown San Francisco and met my future husband, Chris. As we began dating, his art style and passion for drawing inspired me to draw and create more unusual things and really let myself get weird with it.

Androgynous characters have always been a common thread in my work, quetioning gender roles and the need to categorize people into groups based on gender or sexual preference. My dolls started from the desire to just want a creepy doll of my own. I made one in an afternoon and from then it just became a passion to make weird creatures that are both cute and disturbing. The same basic idea is there, but I enjoy adding different parts to make each one unique. My odd dolls seem to have developed themselves from a simple idea into more of a complex commentary on ideas such as gender roles and censorship. These strange characters live in a different world, therefore don't face the same boundaries as we do. I mostly intend to give a feeling of inclusion, while also invoking some discomfort, as I know my personal style is naturally creepy.

I now live in Hendersonville with my husband, Chris and crazy cats, Thorn and Cinder. I'm lucky enough to be the assistant manager at Woolworth Walk where I can work among artists and gather inspiration for my own creations.

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