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Woolworth Walk

Theresa Redmond

“I artfully create and combine original and found imagery to make one-of-a kind works that reach beyond the boundaries of language.”

Artist’s Statement

I am a teacher, scholar, and maker based in the mountains of western North Carolina. I create original mixed media artworks that I affix to reclaimed wood blocks, gessoed panels, and fine art boards. Each composition offers a whimsical arrangement inspired by the colors, shapes, patterns, and cycles of the natural world, alongside quotes and readings, my own ideas, dreams, musings, relationships and other experiences. Each piece I make is its own, one-of-a-kind creation that serves as a sort of visual meditation, inviting the viewer into a place of peace, repose, or joyful imagining.

My art pieces begin spontaneously as I explore colors, shapes, and patterns alongside found materials and playful ephemera. I create using many materials– such as paints, inks, sprays, tissue paper, vintage books, string, local flora from my gardens, and other fanciful fodder– and using many techniques, including visual journaling, additive monoprinting, linocut, silkscreen, and collage. These materials and techniques facilitate a making process that is intuitive, wholehearted, and—most of all—forgiving. After creating my original papers and backgrounds, I’ll enhance and unearth the imagery by painting, drawing, and pasting directly onto the surface of my pieces. My process of layering and re-layering generates rich textures, forms, and patterns that, eventually, uncover the final composition.

I consider my artistic practice to be reciprocal to my work as a teacher and scholar where I explore the changing nature of literacy in the digital world. Through my artful recombination of imagery, I make pieces with the aim of fostering ways of knowing, seeing, and experiencing that reach beyond the limitations of language and text. The themes of literacy examined in my teaching and research are evident in my creative works as expressions of unspoken influences, notions, and other thoughts.

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