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Robin Southecorvo


I make two distinct forms of art work; functional pottery to be used daily in our homes and inspirational mixed media sculptures with ritual features. Both have elements of pattern, texture, color and shapes derived from nature.

Inspiration for my sculptural ideas comes from nature, ancient African art, and modern art. For decades, I have been a collector of objects. I have found objects on walks in cities, the woods and by the ocean. Bones, rusted metal, gourds and shells are just a few of the things that are incorporated into my sculptures. I often use bones or metal as a base. Shells, seedpods, rusted metal, and wood are sewn, nailed or glued together to form a surface. The sculptures are mystical, spiritual and fun!

In the past, I fired my pottery in a salt kiln, but presently, I fire my pottery in an electric kiln at mid-range temperatures. In addition to flower vases, I make cups, bowls, casseroles, covered jars and teapots. The designs, colors, shapes and patterns are pulled from nature and other art. My pottery has both traditional and non-traditional elements. Sometimes, I include non-clay objects as handles and decoration. I am not a production potter. No two pieces are alike unless they are a part of a set . Design and function are both important elements of each piece: Fun and Function!

Sculpture and functional pottery are both important to me and are fun to create. I enjoy the rhythms of working with clay and other materials: throwing, assembling, glazing, loading and unloading the kiln. As well as the time spent finding objects and assembling them into sculptures.

My studio has large windows and it overlooks my garden and woods. It is a peaceful setting where I see the change of seasons and watch the birds. It is my sanctuary.

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