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Meredith King

Merry Death (or Meredith, as the government calls her) started life as a child.

She once carved a spirograph design into the family dining table, a fact her very loving and supportive mother never lets her forget.

She painted her room a shockingly bright blue and then covered the walls with so many sub-par works of art you couldn't discern the color.

She shot squirt guns full of paint at the barn wall and mostly managed to hit the canvas.

She was homeschooled and spent her Tuesdays weaving with the blue hairs at her local craft guild.

Then she grew up.Sort of.

She cross stitched her way through college lectures and got overly into miniatures during grad school. 

Meredith now lives with her moderately sized zoo in East Asheville and makes a living as a project manager.

Meredith works primarily with acrylic paints and gels, resin, polymer, and other mixed mediums. She is mostly self-taught, and has taken several night classes at AB Tech. She trends towards abstract or pop art styles with heightened contrast, bold line work, and experimental textures. 

Meredith enjoys showcasing her art locally at craft markets and coffee shops, and has ben a member of the nationwide Art-o-Mat program since 2017.


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