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Mathilda Monroe

Visiting and learning about different cultures has become somewhat of an obsession that my husband and I try to entertain every chance we get. In my own old-fashioned way I enjoy sharing what we've seen and learned with our friends and family by making them cards and postcards based on our travels. I've been doing that for years and now I've decided to step out of my routine and offer them to others as well. 

Living in Asheville over ten years now, surrounded by all this unbridled talent, I've gained the confidence to share my visions and projects with my community. The overwhelming positive support and encouragement I received led to the cultivation of my small, growing linoprint business - Notes From Abroad.

I grew up sailing and subsequentlyteaching on Lake Erie so my work started with a distinctly nautical theme. Didn't take long to incorporate my love for Appalachia, showcasing what I leanred while at UNCA getting my B.S. in Environmental Science. And the ideas took off in every direction from there.

From postcards I dove into selling my linoprints in all sizes. I didn't want to be confinedto the 4x6 inches the USPS allows for postcards. Then I jumped into framed art. Accuentuating my art with the perfectly corresponding frame is just another layer of fun. I'd never have guessed it then, but my time working in the framing gallery turned out to be an incredible blessing.

Most recently I'm hopelessly into textile block printing. I print women's, men's, and baby's clothes, bags and scarves. On the horizon is a mobile workshop to share this medium with other people. I have so much fun with block printing and I'm beginning to realize just how under-the-radar this printing process is.

Notes From Abroad has been a wonderful journey of self discovery. Like any artist will tell you, my vision is always changing. Whatever the endgame, I lways seem to skew off course to some beautiful and unexpected destination. I'm glad this journey is one I can share with others by making art that makes people happy. 


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