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Woolworth Walk

Lori Jusino

Asheville became a new home choice in 2013 after departing life in New York’s Hudson River Valley and a ten-year sojourn in the Caribbean. The natural beauty and art culture of this area impressed them enough to begin a new season in their lives here.

Creating has been an integral part of her being that has taken various forms throughout the years; from decoupage, collage, shell works in boxes and sailor’s valentine jewelry, to her current love of mixed media sculptural assemblage. Themes range from Inspirational to Victorian steampunk. She calls them songs that arise from within. Each piece has significance beyond the immediately visible. The knowledge gained from each artistic discipline has proven to be a stepping-stone to the next and has culminated in what she creates today.

Yet, she presses on to learn more of how to bring forth the gift in her soul from The Creator, and to share the joy of it with others along this beautiful journey of Life. Her collage and assemblage work transcends into another place of faith, imagination, and whimsy. Rust or bling, natural elements or metals- all are fair game to her.

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25 Haywood Street, Asheville, NC 28801
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