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Laura Kaufman

Laura Kauffman is a self-taught artist who lives in western North Carolina with her husband Keith, her two dogs, and two cats. She loves painting portraits of people and pets because each subject is so special and unique. Laura incorporates vintage fabrics and patterns into her artwork as much as possible.

Laura has been featured in Blue Mountain Living Magazine as well as the Asheville citizen times Artist Profile Page. She created the cover artwork for a book of poetry entitled "The Ledger of Weights and Measures" by Asheville Poet Matt Kunkleman. Laura has had many happy clients across the country receive beautiful and one-of-a-kind custom portraits.

Animals have always been a special part of my life. I feel a unique connection with them and enjoy capturing the spirit and individual personality of each client's pet while I paint. I love vintage fabrics and patterns and incorporate these into my work as much as possible.

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