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Kasey Jackson

I come from a family of entrepreneurs, but when I started making lotion candles, I never dreamed I would have a successful local business. I found my niche in the candle industry by creating a long lasting candle that doubles as a skin safe lotion. After a one- year apprenticeship, I started making batches of lotion candles in my kitchen. Not only does the candle provide a warm inviting ambiance and essential oil fragrance, but it also treats dry skin and other skin problems such as eczema. I've spent the last two years honing my craft, with a focus on the improvement of my product to meet the needs of my clients. I continue to be amazed by the growth and popularity of Elementree Essentials.

What started out as a small project turned into a creative and innovative career. After the first few batches in my kitchen, my co-workers at Mission Hospital bought some of my candles. Soon the word spread, and people asked for more. I started making so many candles I had to move the project into the basement for more room. After that, the business simply took off. All of my candles are handcrafted, made up of cosmetic grade soy, grape seed oil, coconut oil, Shea butter, almond oil, vitamin E, and fragrance infused with essential oils. The candle burns from 60 to 80 hours, and are wonderful as a body moisturizer with warm healing properties.

Today you can find my lotion candles downtown Asheville at the Grove Arcade, several local shops, and at festivals throughout North Carolina and Tennessee. Elementree Essentials continues to grow at a rapid pace. Candle sales are pushing me to contemplate expansion once more. I hope to open a manufacturing center and create more jobs for Asheville locals. In the meantime, stop by the Grove Arcade to talk with me, and try out one my fifteen scents. My candles are meant to create a warm ambiance for any space, and serve as a lavish gift for your skin.

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