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Woolworth Walk

Erika Bussa

I want my colorful artwork to create a sense of whimsy and wonder about the natural world. Working in Asheville, NC, I get my inspiration from wandering in the woods and letting my mind do the same. I primarily uses oil paints and woodcuts to express myself, feeling they both have an element from nature. Woodcuts are like growing trees, they take a long time, but once finished, can make many more. Oil paint breathes like the wind, and teaches patience like a baby bird waiting to fly. I create art to inspire people to look at nature in a new way and go to it for hope, to see the beauty and resilience in it and to believe the same thing about themselves and others.

My process is long, and a piece can look many different ways before it is finished. I don't let myself get attached to my work. I listen to each piece as I go, adding what it tells me. Art isn't about being good or bad, it is about letting yourself be free and enjoying the process; learning to not stop when you doubt or get frustrated. The expression and willingness of the soul is what makes a piece truly wonderful.

Along with painting and printmaking, I illustrate children books. Helping publish over 15 over the course of 6 years. I love making dream like illustrations and using color to express moods. I also have been a freelance graphic designer for 6 years, and have recently started dabbling with animation. I am excited to keep creating and sharing my art with the world!



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