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Elizabeth Wiesel

I am an art teacher, and maker. I was born and raised in Michigan, and after receiving my BFA and teaching certification from Michigan State University, I began teaching art in the public schools. 15 years, a wedding, three kids and several geographical moves later I was presented with the opportunity to step back from teaching and spend more time on my own art. I now teach part time at Fernleaf Community Charter School and spend the rest of my time happily tucked away in my tiny 12x10 foot studio next to my house.
I have a 70 year old proof printing press that I have been lugging around with me since I moved to North Carolina. It is a testy beast but we get along and it allows me to run small editions of woodblock prints and wood engravings. Printing is the medium I keep finding myself coming back to over and over again. I love the process of cutting the blocks and working the press. It is frustrating and picky work but I love figuring out solutions to every problem I make for myself in the medium. I have just wandered into wood engraving, and I am excited to see what I will do with it.
Painting has been a more recent adventure for me. I hated painting all through school and jumped into it because:
There was an art store going out of buisness near my house and I bought too many brushes
I always fancied being a retired lady spending her days painting in a big floppy hat
My wrists hurt from all the print making
My work tends to be whimsical. I like subjects that make me laugh or look at things in a different way. I am curious and want to know everything so I am drawn to images or series that make me take copious notes and sketches in notebooks that are generally scattered around my house. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed making it.

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