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Sharon Bass

I formed Watergirl Designs in 2002. Mainly self-taught in jewelry-making and wire techniques, I took courses in art and writing while attending the University of North Carolina-Asheville, where I earned a B.A. in Psychology and a Minor in Environmental Studies in '95. It was a course in Environmental Psychology that started me exploring the look of things, the way a simple fountain in front of an office building affects people, and helped influence the jewelry designs I do today. I want to affect people with my work.

I use a lot of new materials, but I like mixing in found, scrap, reused, recycled, left behind, and thrown away objects in my pieces. Importantly, eco-consciousness goes way beyond what materials an artist is using, into the studio and into everyday living, to become a lifestyle, which isn't that difficult once it becomes routine.

I use many types of metals, from colored copper to recycled aluminum to, one of my favorites, black annealed steel wire. All jewelry requires some TLC. If you own a piece with steel wire, just make sure it stays dry to prevent rusting; you can lightly spray it with an acrylic sealant or treat it with oil and a cotton swab.

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