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Nora McMullen

I come from a family of artists. Growing up I tried many artistic mediums and was unsatisfied with the results of translating the ideas in my head into physical form. That is, until I found metalsmithing - specifically the ancient art of filigree. By bending and twisting wire into intricate, swirling shapes, the ideas in my mind are able to flow out through my hands and finally take form. With each piece I make, I can feel the deep ties to a 4,500 year tradition and try to innovate in a way that will enhance the art form rather than detract from it. My current work combines filigree with the vivid colors of transparent glass enamel, bringing an unexpected pop of life to the traditional strictly-metal look of filigree. Striking shapes are my starting point, and then I visualize the places where material should be removed. As I cut away sections and fill them with filigree wire, it lends a delicacy to the piece that was not there before. The final step is always the color, and I am constantly trying to translate the perfect gradients seen all around us - in sunsets and sunrises, the color of the ocean, the fading of Autumn leaves - into physical, wearable form.

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