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Marsha VanRijssen

I live, work and play in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.  The landscape here, as well as other places I have lived, have been the inspiration for my creations.
While hiking, I love to forage for leaves in autumn colors, askew twigs, nuts and seeds.  For years I had collected these found objects, waiting for the right medium to channel their beauty.  While trying to find my passion at the University of Georgia, I made my way to the art department.  I began with black and white photography, learned about space in 3-D design, and finally landed in the jewelry program.  After spending four weeks on a brass and copper leaf pin, I knew I had found a nest for all my collected natural inspirations.
After graduating with a studio art degree, I moved to Los Angeles and apprenticed making platinum and diamond jewelry.  I learned practical bench skills, production work, and small business skills.  In 1999 I moved to Northampton, MA and set up a home studio to begin developing my first line of handmade jewelry pinned "Marsha Elliott Designs".  After a successful year of selling to local galleries, I decided to join the fine arts show circuit and developed a devoted following in the north east.
In 2003 my husband and I returned south to the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina.  Once in Asheville, I immediately sought membership in the prestigious Southern Craft Guild and was accepted in 2004.  Fifteen years later, hikes with my family and dogs still inspire my creations.

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