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Woolworth Walk

Audrey Sawyer

"I am drawn towards the contrast between geometric forms and intricate details of nature: the facets of a stone, the antennae of a moth. The things I make are an attempt to capture in wearable art the pleasure of scouring the riverbed for a perfectly tumbled stone, or finding another carpenter bee to add to a collection.

I am primarily a metalsmith, working with sterling silver, copper and brass and playing with combinations of metal and wood, leather and found objects. I hand construct shadowboxes and on the front I hand cut a delicate silhouette of a creature or natural form. I also cast wax carvings and found objects such as bugs and bird bones that I incorporate into my designs."

Gallery 828-254-9234 | Soda Fountain 828-254-9210

25 Haywood Street, Asheville, NC 28801
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