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Amy Brandenburg

Creating jewelry is my favorite means of self-expression, and sharing it with others gives it purpose and meaning. Personal adornment has always fascinated me, especially how it has evolved throughout history. The fashions we wear speak to our personality and our inner sense of who we are, whether it is the clothes we dress in or the jewelry and accessories we choose.
My jewelry is inspired by styles from the turn of the 20th century: predominantly Arts and Crafts focusing on hand-craftsmanship; and Art Nouveau which embodies flowing lines, nature and an appreciation for beauty. My pieces are also influenced by my love of architecture and miniatures because I believe that objects altered from their normal size provide a sense of magic and wonder. Infused with the appeal of a rare treasure from the past, these heirlooms with a modern edge are made with a passion for design and detailed execution.
PMC (Precious Metal Clay) is my material of choice because of its transformative properties. It starts out as clay (made of metal) which allows me to use clay techniques like slab construction and carving, and after firing in a kiln, traditional metal techniques like hammering and soldering. The process of working with a material that goes through so many stages is challenging and allows me to have a very personal connection with each completed piece.

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