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Woolworth Walk

Tanya Franklin

Glass contains ripples of color and layers of reflections, frozen in motion, begging the viewer to take a closer look. One look was all it took for me to choose glass as my medium of creative expression. My work is faith based since I find the One who created and inspires me undeniable! I'm undoubtedly influenced by Creation; patterns in nature and one individual perspective in the face of a larger design and purpose. So, although many of my pieces are functional and useful, they hopefully cause an experience with reflection and discussion.

You know, all artists define their own unique perspective to convey their message. Most of my work, especially faith-based projects, comes from asking myself: "How do I perceive God's Creative work?", "And then How do I bring honor back to Him through my imitating or interpretive perspective?."

My imitation of Creation can contain hidden smaller designs and symbols within the details of the larger piece, discernible only to the keenest eye. Or I will cut and shape the glass to mimic the way mountains roll and tumble like waves of an ocean. I want to convey the feelings of the awe, peace and humility I experience when encountering the Smoky Mountains, a fiery sky at sunset, or an ageless twisted tree on a hike. Much like I believe that our individual lives are part of a greater design, my glasswork harkens back to the greater Creation that was its source of inspiration. 

People are intelligent and intuitive. They don't need to be hit over the head with a certain idea, nor have all the lines drawn for them to see the picture. Why not lead someone into their own experience of art as well as the Divine? My work is done if it can lead someone to the impression that there is design in Creation as well as my imitation of it. You know, seeing something and saying, "Oh, that's beautiful, the perspective is unique. Oh! Now Look! There is even more to this."

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