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Emily Yagielo

I began experimenting with fused glass during a rough stretch of time. A resurgence of a chronic health condition caused me to lose my job, my social life and any semblance of independence. Working with glass helped me channel my emotions; with glass I could create something worthwhile and interact with the world in a positive way. You could say the light and color and shine of the glass offset the stifling darkness of my interior world.

Fast forward a number of years and you can now find me working in my studio in Asheville’s River Arts District. That is, when I’m not adventuring outdoors with my better half or catching up on rest with the help of two incredibly-snuggly dogs. I’m still often up at all hours, scribbling down ideas and making calculations: new ideas always brewing.

I am primarily self-taught, learning from my trials and errors. When fusing glass I attempt to impart my will on a material that changes from a solid state to a molten one and back again many times over. Individual glass pieces are cut, assembled, washed, combined and heated to high temps inside a kiln. These high temperatures meld – fuse – the glass together. Fused glass has many steps that requires patience, precision, forethought and a whole lotta curiosity; most often my pieces are one-of-a-kind, unlikely to be made again.

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