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Kathleen Lewis

Kathleen Lewis creates, with her functional fiber art, wearable designs and whimsical creatures. Her vibrant creations convey a spectrum of emotions.

The artist's company, Kathleen Lewis Designs, is located in Asheville's enchanting Kenilworth, a neighborhood surrounded by an abundance of nature that inspires creativity. Recycled fabrics, left over from manufacturing and interior design jobs, come to life as creatures such as Art the Owl and Hootlets and one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories. Her HipPocket, patchwork newsboys and reversible hats have become favorites among her creations. Kathleen alters natural fabrics with a variety of processes including hand dyeing, melting, painting, rusting and printing. Her methods recreate texture to yield new perspective.

In celebration of the Earth's resources, she reuses vintage woolens and other natural fabrics. She sews the materials into warm winter hats, mittens, scarves and attention grabbing handbags. Her accessories are sure to be lasting articles of clothing to be handed down through generations.

Kathleen cannot remember a time she was not creating something. She began with art and craft activities as a young child. At the age of eight her mother, a skilled tailor and seamstress, allowed her to sew on her Singer sewing machine. This opened a limitless world of creativity for young Kathleen. From her mother she learned traditional sewing skills and the importance of quality craftsmanship. Starting with this foundation, Kathleen has taken many directions on her creative journey. She often expresses gratitude for her creative gift that she believes has come from a generous and divine grace.

Her business was not an overnight success. It has taken many years of work and dedication to reap the rewards of her success as an artist. Now her business can give back to the local economy by paying living wages to the employees who have helped to make her business grow. Her company also supports and inspires other designers, entrepreneurs and artists who strive to grow their businesses. 

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